Berkeley Earth has addressed the five major concerns raised by skeptics, and concluded that global warming is real and best explained by human greenhouse gas emissions. We will work to bring opposing sides together to agree on these core findings. In our experience, many of the proponents on both sides of global warming are indeed open-minded, but they have not heard compelling answers to their questions; sometimes their objections are dismissed as ignorant or biased, when in fact the issues they raise are (or were) valid. Our approach is to address all issues with respect and objectivity.

A similar objectivity is essential for mitigation proposals. Too often the technology proposed as a “solution” for global warming either won’t help or is too expensive to be implemented in the developing world, where most of the future greenhouse emissions will originate. It is important not to let ideology or an exaggerated optimism for a particular technology detract from solutions that have greater potential on a global scale. Berkeley Earth is well positioned to provide objective analysis of proposed mitigation efforts.