Don is not currently involved with Berkeley Earth.

Don is a Senior Scientist in the LBNL Physics Division, technically retired/rehired but working essentially full time. He has been a high-energy particle physicist for most of his career, but switched to astrophysics with the demise of the SuperConducting Supercollider (SSC) to work with Saul Perlmutter’s Supernova Cosmology Project. During the ’90’s he made more than a dozen trips to Chile to search for/observe distant SNe1a’s, and he wrote the lightcurve fitting software (in IDL). He is a member of the Particle Data Group (PDG). The research half of his life now concentrates on the LBNL astronomical CCDs and hadron calorimetry. Don is a Fellow of the American Physical Society and shared in the Gruber Foundation’s 2007 Cosmology Prize.

His AB from Princeton in chemistry was in 1956, and his PhD from Caltech (1965) was in (high energy) physics with an astronomy minor. He then spent 4 years at Cornell as a Postdoc/Asst Prof. In 1969 he moved on to a faculty job at the University of Utah, where he studied sidereal time variations in the underground cosmic ray muon intensity via Fourier analysis. In about 1987 he resigned to work with the SSC Central Design Group, then located at LBNL. He was fortunate enough not to follow the project to Texas, but instead could join the Particle Data Group at LBNL.