Steven Mosher

steven-mosherSteven Mosher is co-author of “Climategate: The Crutape Letters” and works as an independent consultant in the San Francisco area. He attended Northwestern University where he graduated with honors and BA’s in both English Literature and Philosophy. He left the Phd. program in Literature at UCLA to take a position in Threat Analysis at Northrop Aircraft where he advanced to Director of Operational Analysis for flight simulation. After serving as Vice President of Engineering for Eidetics Inc., he transitioned to the consumer sector and specialized in bringing new technology to market. As Vice president of New Technology at Creative Labs he was instrumental in bringing 3D graphics, DVD, Web cameras and Mp3 players to market. He has subsequently dedicated himself to the open source and open hardware movements, working as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Openmoko, where he championed the FreeRunner open phone and later founded Qi hardware, a company dedicated to creating “copy left” consumer products. He has written and maintains several R packages devoted to analyzing temperature and climate data with open source tools.

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