Air Pollution in China

Berkeley Earth Paper on Chinese Pollution

In August 2015 Berkeley Earth’s first scientific paper on air pollution in China was accepted for publication by PLOS ONE.  While the original paper included four months of data, it was later updated to include analysis and data for 16 months, April 2014 through August 2015. We found that 1.6 million people are dying every year from air pollution in China, and we have also been able to identify the sources of the air pollution.

Annual Average PM 2.5 Flux

For more information about this work see:

To browse the images and data, see:

You can also download the data from our paper here.

Read an extraordinary tale of 2 days in China, as blogged by Steven Mosher.

PM 2.5

China_pm25_Average_Flux_Map China_pm25_Average_Map China_pm25_Average_Emission_Map
China_pm25_Average_Flux_TimeSeries China_pm25_Average_TimeSeries China_pm25_Average_Emission_TimeSeries

PM 10

China_pm10_Average_Flux_Map China_pm10_Average_Map China_pm10_Average_Emission_Map
China_pm10_Average_Flux_TimeSeries China_pm10_Average_TimeSeries China_pm10_Average_Emission_TimeSeries

Nitrogen Dioxide

China_no2_Average_Flux_Map China_no2_Average_Map China_no2_Average_Emission_Map
China_no2_Average_Flux_TimeSeries China_no2_Average_TimeSeries China_no2_Average_Emission_TimeSeries

Sulfur Dioxide

China_so2_Average_Flux_Map China_so2_Average_Map China_so2_Average_Emission_Map
China_so2_Average_Flux_TimeSeries China_so2_Average_TimeSeries China_so2_Average_Emission_TimeSeries


China_o3_Average_Flux_Map China_o3_Average_Map
China_o3_Average_Flux_TimeSeries China_o3_Average_TimeSeries

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