Air Quality Real-time Maps: Data Download

PM2.5 Data Download

The following files contain estimated global PM2.5 fields based on observed real-time station data.

The same data can be viewed on our real-time maps.

The data format is NetCDF and mapped fields are provided at 0.1 degree resolution.  The typical file contains 24 hourly time slices, and are group by UTC date.  Hours and days where no data is available are omitted.  Each file covers the whole globe, but latitude and longitude ranges may be cropped to eliminate regions where no data is available.

All mapped data provided here is based on preliminary real-time data from ground-level observing stations.  Such data may contain artifacts and irregularities and should be used with caution. The reported fields have been processed using automated quality control algorithms and interpolated in a way that emphasizes regional variations. Nonetheless, significant noise and errors may still exist. In addition, PM2.5 concentration may be estimated from PM10 observations when no PM2.5 data is locally available.

In some cases, higher resolution data may be available by request. Such data is generally limited to regions of high station density.

A single day of data is approximately 7 MB to download. Coverage, stations used, and processing algorithms are subject to change without notice.

An online file directory is available or one can select individual days below.

File list

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