Temperature Anomaly Videos (posted – 2/26/2014)

Daily Absolute Average Temperature 1990-2000

Daily Average Temperature Anomaly 1990-2000

Land + Ocean Average Temperature Annual Anomaly

Seasonal Daily Absolute Average Temperature

Land + Ocean Average Temperature, Ten-year Anomaly

Land + Ocean Average Temperature, Five-Year Average Anomaly

Land Only Average Temperature, Ten-year Average Anomaly

Land Only Average Temperature Anomaly, Five-year Average

Land Only Complete Average Temperature Annual Average Anomaly

Land Temperature Anomaly Videos

Berkeley Earth video representation of the land surface temperature anomaly, 1800 to the present. The map of the world shows the temperature anomaly by location over time. The chart at the bottom, shows the global land-surface temperature anomaly. The Berkeley Earth analysis shows 0.911 degrees Centigrade of land warming (+/- 0.042 C) since the 1950s.


If you have difficulty viewing the video press pause and allow a minute or two of buffer time or you may download the videos directly:

As an alternative, you may also view the video on YouTube (original annual – posted 10/18/2011)

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