Berkeley Earth in Conversation with In This Together’s Bill Shireman

Berkeley Earth is honored to have our independent climate science featured this week by In This Together, a grassroots coalition of Democrats, Republicans, and independents working to put environmental protection and energy innovation policies first by supporting bipartisan policies, leaders, partner organizations and most importantly, the individual voter.

In keeping with our core mission of making impartial climate science accessible to the broadest audience possible, In This Together will be sharing a number of Berkeley Earth’s data visualizations and key findings across their platform throughout the week, bringing awareness to the actual data underlying much of the climate change discussion.

In advance of this feature, we sat down with In This Together co-founder, and Berkeley Earth Board Director Bill Shireman to discuss In This Together’s mission to bring people together around data-driven environmental solutions.

Berkeley Earth is grateful to both Bill and In This Together for supporting Berkeley Earth’s trusted independent climate science.

Referenced in this conversation:

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