Berkeley Earth’s 2020 Global Temperature Report Reaches Over 380M Worldwide

Berkeley Earth released our annual Global Temperature Report for 2020, including findings that 2020 was the second warmest year on record.

Thanks to our partners in the media, the independent research, data, and findings we presented in this report have reached an audience of nearly 400 million worldwide.

One highlight of our impact: Berkeley Earth’s surface temperature data set (BEST) was used by the Washington Post’s Pulitzer-Prize winning climate reporting team to headline their coverage of 2020’s annual temperature reporting by the world’s four major temperature reporting organizations (Berkeley Earth, NOAA, NASA, and the UK’s Met Office).

Image courtesy of The Washington Post

Additional coverage of Berkeley Earth’s 2020 annual report was featured in The San Francisco Chronicle, Science Magazine, and CBS News.

Of the four global agencies publishing annual temperature reports this week, Berkeley Earth is the only independent, non-governmental climate science research organization. With a unique handling of interpolations and systematic biases, our temperature data sets helps ensure the most detailed picture of climate change.

Read more about the impact and global reach of our independent science here.

The press release for our 2020 Global Temperature Report can be found here.

Full media coverage of Berkeley Earth’s research can be found here.

*Global reach stats via Meltwater.

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