Data Points Podcast: A conversation with In This Together’s Bill Shireman

Berkeley Earth is honored to have our independent climate science featured this week by In This Together, a grassroots coalition of Democrats, Republicans, and independents working to put environmental protection and energy innovation policies first by supporting bipartisan policies, leaders, partner organizations and most importantly, the individual voter. In keeping with our core mission of […]

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The Pacific Northwest Heatwave in Context

Beginning on June 26th, and lasting for the better part of a week, a massive “heat dome” settled across the Pacific Northwest, creating some of the most extreme heat conditions ever observed in North America. With record-setting temperatures upwards of 40 degrees Celsius above average, this heatwave generated significant global media coverage. Below, Berkeley Earth […]

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Press Release: Berkeley Earth 2020 Global Temperature Update

Berkeley Earth Global Temperature Update: 2020 Was Second Warmest Year Since 1850 Berkeley, Calif. — Berkeley Earth today released its Global Temperature Report for 2020, concluding that the year was nominally the second warmest on Earth since 1850 based on land and ocean data. Globally, 2020 was slightly cooler than and nearly tied with 2016. […]

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Berkeley Earth Publishes Detailed Methodology in New Paper

While our fully open-source surface temperature datasets have been publicly available for some time, this paper represents the first time our complete detailed methodology has been formally published. The paper specifically includes discussion of Berkeley Earth’s treatment of air temperature in the Arctic region, and provides visualization of the global warming trends suggested by Berkeley Earth’s dataset vs. other global temperature records.

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Nuclear Waste Needs to Be Part of the Conversation on Climate Change

Congratulations are in order for Berkeley Earth’s sister organization Deep Isolation, who announced today the closing of a $20m Series A funding round, led by nuclear industry leaders NAC International. Founded by Berkeley Earth Co-Founder and President Elizabeth Muller, Deep Isolation is developing a patented process to safely dispose of nuclear waste, a major issue […]

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Whither the pause? NOAA report shows no recent slowdown in warming

Mountains of ink have been spilled in recent years on whether or not global warming has paused or slowed down. We’ve discussed it extensively in the past, and numerous studies have examined whether the apparent pause might have been caused by additional ocean heat uptake, small volcanoes, a weak solar cycle, poor arctic coverage in existing datasets, and\or a […]

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