Air pollution costs an average 2.2 years of life, according to EPIC’s Air Quality Life Index (AQLI)

According to the WHO’s 2021 updated guidelines, over 97% of the world breathes air considered to be “unhealthy”. In recognition of the 2022 UN International Day of Clean Air, we’re honored to welcome back Christa Hasenkopf, Director of Air Quality Programs at the Energy Policy Institute at the University of Chicago (EPIC) to discuss how the Air Quality Life Index is driving action on air quality.

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Translating data into adaptation: Building urban heat resilience with Eleni Myrivili, Europe’s first Chief Heat Officer

Extreme heat is the most costly of all extreme weather phenomena, both in terms of its impact on human health and wellbeing, as well as its economic impact. In this episode we talk with Eleni Myrivili, Chief Heat Officer for the City of Athens, and Senior Advisor for the Atlantic Council, about the ways data is being used to build urban resilience in the face of extreme heat events caused by climate change.

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Behind the Stripes: Communicating climate science and using data to build resilience with Professor Ed Hawkins and Lead Scientist Dr. Robert Rohde

In celebration of Earth Day 2022, Data Points is thrilled to welcome climate stripes creator Professor Ed Hawkins for a conversation with Berkeley Earth Lead Scientist Dr. Robert Rohde about the importance of making climate science accessible, the ongoing efforts to “rescue” historic climate data, and why filling the gaps in the historical climate record is essential to crafting future adaptive strategies. 

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Data Points Podcast: IPCC Report Q&A With Berkeley Earth Climate Scientists

This week marked the publication of the much anticipated IPCC Working Group I Report, a global, multi-year effort on the part of more than 200 scientists worldwide to describe the physical science underlying the current state of climate change and global warming.  In this episode of Data Points, Berkeley Earth Lead Scientist Dr. Robert Rohde and […]

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Data Points Podcast: A conversation with radiologist Dr. Vineet Khanna

In April of 2021, Berkeley Earth’s air quality data was featured in National Geographic’s cover story which called air pollution the next global health pandemic, drawing attention to the nearly 4 million annual deaths attributed to poor air quality worldwide. To mark the official launch of Berkeley Earth’s new podcast Data Points, we sit down […]

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Data Points Podcast: A conversation with In This Together’s Bill Shireman

Berkeley Earth is honored to have our independent climate science featured this week by In This Together, a grassroots coalition of Democrats, Republicans, and independents working to put environmental protection and energy innovation policies first by supporting bipartisan policies, leaders, partner organizations and most importantly, the individual voter. In keeping with our core mission of […]

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