Episode 5

Dr. Robert Rohde Berkeley Earth Lead Scientist

Dr. Zeke Hausfather Berkeley Earth Research Scientist

COP26: Berkeley Earth answers your questions about a world below 1.5°C

In this episode of the Data Points podcast, Berkeley Earth Chief Scientist Dr. Robert Rohde, and Research Scientist Dr. Zeke Hausfather dive into your questions about COP26 and the climate science of a world below 1.5°C.

Topics covered include equitable emissions reductions and industrialized vs developing nations, methane and melting permafrost, climate models and warming forecasts, climate feedback loops, global emissions caps and climate dividends, climate disinformation, housing policy in the context of climate change, and how actual emissions reductions can be measured and enforced.

We were extremely impressed by the scope of insightful, important questions, and can’t thank you enough for your submissions. Be sure to follow Robert, Zeke, and Berkeley Earth on Twitter for the latest from the COP26 conference in Glasgow.

Mentioned in this episode:

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