Episode 4

Dr. Robert Rohde Berkeley Earth Lead Scientist

Dr. Zeke Hausfather Berkeley Earth Research Scientist and Author of the UN IPCC Working Group I Report

Berkeley Earth answers your questions about the UN IPCC Working Group I Report

This week marked the publication of the much anticipated IPCC Working Group I Report, a global, multi-year effort on the part of more than 200 scientists worldwide to describe the physical science underlying the current state of climate change and global warming. 

In this episode of Data Points, Berkeley Earth Lead Scientist Dr. Robert Rohde and Research Scientist Dr. Zeke Hausfather answer your questions regarding the IPCC report. The conversation includes discussion of carbon cycle and carbon cycle feedback loops, emissions and various emissions scenarios, net-zero and net-zero commitments, as well as discussion of sea level rise and ice sheet behavior. 

Many thanks to everyone who submitted questions for this Q&A; unfortunately we won’t be able to answer all of the questions that were submitted, but hope to do additional Q&A’s in the future. 

The full text of the IPCC Working Group I Report can be dowloaded here. 

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