Translating data into adaptation: Building urban heat resilience with Eleni Myrivili, Europe’s first Chief Heat Officer

Extreme heat is the most costly of all extreme weather phenomena, both in terms of its impact on human health and wellbeing, as well as its economic impact. In this episode we talk with Eleni Myrivili, Chief Heat Officer for the City of Athens, and Senior Advisor for the Atlantic Council, about the ways data is being used to build urban resilience in the face of extreme heat events caused by climate change.

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Behind the Stripes: Communicating climate science and using data to build resilience with Professor Ed Hawkins and Lead Scientist Dr. Robert Rohde

In celebration of Earth Day 2022, Data Points is thrilled to welcome climate stripes creator Professor Ed Hawkins for a conversation with Berkeley Earth Lead Scientist Dr. Robert Rohde about the importance of making climate science accessible, the ongoing efforts to “rescue” historic climate data, and why filling the gaps in the historical climate record is essential to crafting future adaptive strategies. 

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